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GZL Company profile

Established on 5th December 1980, GZL International Travel Service Ltd(GZL) is a member of LN Holdings--the bellwether of  South China tourism industry and Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed corporation.GZL is the industry leader and the Only comprehensive large travel enterprise that has been awarded the “Chinese Consumer Satisfactory Ding”, which is the highest honor for the quality management in the tourism industry. And it is the only enterprise continues to be appraised as the “China Model Enterprise in Travel Service” in tourism industry by AQSIQ and CNTA. Besides, GZL is the first enterprise has won the “Guangdong Provincial Government Award”-the highest prize for good quality set by Guangdong government, and also is the only tourism enterprise rewarded with the prize of national high-quality service. In the latest top 100 travel agencies revealed by CNTA, GZL ranks top 10 in China and the No.1 in Guangdong. In the 2019 China Association of Travel Services Tourism Industry List,GZL wins again the “ Top 20 China Travel Agency” as well as “Top 10 China Outbound Travel Agency”.

The major businesses of GZL include inbound tour, outbound tour, domestic tour,meanwhile,GZL also engages itself in international and domestic air ticketing agent,scenic spots development and management, study abroad & consultation service, convention and exhibition, coach rental, property management,IT consultation service,computer technology development etc.                      

Currently, GZL has built a nationwide operation system consisting of the Southern China Headquarters, the Northern China “Xing Zou” Platform Headquarters, the Central China Operating Center, the Northwestern China Operating Center, the Western Coast of Taiwan Straits Operating Center, the East China Operating Center, and the Southwestern China Operating Center. In addition, GZL has established itself with branches in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macao, Beijing, Shanghai, Yunnan, etc. and it operates businesses in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. GZL provides services through over 400 sales offices, branch and subsidiary companies, online B2C, B2B platforms, WeChat micro-mall, GZL owned APP, Tmall flagship store and other third-party channels. Whilst creating a prominent dual online system "ECWALK (aka Yi-Qi-Xing)", the smart travel service platform, and    " Xing Zou” Platform, a B2B transaction platform, the varieties of resources help GZL form the largest entity sales network in Southern China. GZL has already arranged itself in a dominant position in the industry as a tourism super-hub managing multi-market groups, multi-port departure groups, and multi-visa center groups, rendering globalized, branding, and high-quality products and services.

With “dedicating to high-quality travel, creating a happy life” as the mission, GZL will bring consumer the best travel experience with great enthusiasm and professional service, and build itself as a global excellent comprehensive travel service supplier.

Inbound Tour

Inbound Tour is one of business departments of GZL. It mainly focus on reception of foreign visitors to China, Chinese travelers to Guangdong province, planning and reception of meetings, events of government departments and enterprises. GZL inbound boasts professionals who are proficient in foreign languages, planning and execution. It keeps long-term relationship with mid-high-end hotels, large fleets, high-end catering take-out services etc.

From 2011 to 2018, GZL was awarded as No. 1 Travel Service which received the most overnight foreign tourists to Guangzhou for 8 consecutive years.

Business area

1. Foreigners traveling to China

1、  Leisure Tour

2、 Trade Fair Tour

3、 Meeting & events services

4、 Tailor-made travel services

2. Chinese traveling to Guangdong

1、 Leisure tour

2、 Trade Fair tour

3、 Meeting & events services

4、 Tailor-made travel service

3. Government & corporate reception

1、 Meeting & events services

2、 Official inspection tour

3、 Elite incentive tour

4、 Tailor-made team-building services

5、 Management of business trip services

4. GZL China Drive Service

Founded in 2007, GZL China Drive Service (China Drive in short) has been committed to deliver useful, up-to-date information and professional service to our oversea clients who wish to explore mainland China behind the wheel. Our clients include Ferrari, Porsche, HK Classic Car Club, Ducati, Land Rover to name but a few. Here are a fraction of the numerous successful events that help to build China Drive as one of the most trustworthy name of the ever increasing self-drive tourism.


Tours to expats in China

😃Fengjian Water Town: enjoy the beautiful view of water village

😃Taste Shunde delicacy: the source of Cantonese cuisine

😃Dashan Island: the last pure land of Shunde county


😃Take a slow train, get close to the daily life of ethnic minority areas, and experience their slow life.

😃Enjoy Sichuan hotpot: one of the eight major chinese cuisine

😃Panda Base:enjoy the charming national treasure giant panda.

😃Leshan Giant Buddha:China's largest existing stone cliff statue.

😃Panzhihua, look at the transformation of the old industrial city

😃Kunming Stone Forest: rated as "World Geopark" and "World Natural Heritage Scenery"


😃 The millennium ancient village of Femgyang: the rich cultural landscape and the best preserved architecture

😃 Dafudi Homestay : slowly down in an ancient village homestay